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The easy-to-do movement and awareness method that teaches you to do what you want, and be who you are, with ease, skill and joy

Based on sound human principles the Feldenkrais Method draws together the science and art of movement, learning and self awareness to create a revolutionary approach to ease, rehabilitation, pain relief, training, creativity and self development.

 It is easy to do, requires no practice and is applicable to all ages and abilities.

Smiling with your whole self:

Two days to body-happiness using the Feldenkrais Method.


A rare opportunity to experience the revolutionary body- learning method in your area.


Struggling to keep up with the kids? Grandkids? Or feel you have lost something of the youthful vitality that comes with easy movement? I would love to have you join me for two days in rediscovering some of that joyous lightness that makes you feel happy in, and with, the body that you live in.


Applying a specially constructed sequence of Feldenkrais lessons (the easy-to-do, revolutionary and scientifically proven system that turns everything you thought you knew about 'exercise' on its head) we will spend one or two days exploring how to make your moving easier and more pleasant in order to rediscover the joys of things such as rolling, crawling and jumping. In doing so you will uncover old neural pathways that you may have thought you would never see again. And as an added bonus as your movement becomes lighter and more playful, so will your entire sense of self.


En route I will also introduce some of the current thinking around functional development and brain plasticity -  which essentially explain why it is never to late to learn how to use oneself with joy whether doing specialist or everyday things.  



After far too long away I am finally able to offer two rare and special one-off Feldenkrais days near Tunbridge Wells . They take place in the next couple of weeks  so nab 'em quick (Apologies for the last -minuteness but, being the only practitioner in the area, vagaries always dictate and I thought you would prefer that I offered something now when a viable space has finally become available). As I am sure you are aware these are rare events so if you have contacted me about wanting to try Feldenkrais for yourself then this may be the only opportunity for a while - at least until we get a local following when I hope to be able to start regular classes. So please grab it if you are interested. The more we do, the more we can do!




All ages and abilities can feel the benefits of these lessons as you always stay within your own level of comfort. Therefore it is open to everyone.



There will be two classes on consecutive Sundays (the 20th and the 27th August 2017) from 10.30 - 16.00.  Each will consist of a specially devised series of Awareness Through Movement lessons aimed at helping you to rediscover you own body-happiness. These are independent, stand-alone days that fit together to create a two day program. Doing both days would be ideal, but major benefits can be experienced by doing either of them independently.



The venue is the idyllic Ashurst village hall just outside Tunbridge Wells.


How much?

50 pounds per day

90 pounds for both days



Bring a friend who has not been to one of my classes before and both receive a further 10 pounds off  (one day only- unless of course you are so popular that you can bring a new friend to each - in which case you can make a whopping 30 pound saving!)


Pre-booking essential so I can check numbers. Please reply if interested and I will supply bank-transfer details as well as directions and what to bring.


Oh....and if you have trouble with your own transport, or feel financially embarrassed, please don't hesitate to call. I trust you aren't the exploitive type and there is always something that can be done.


and don't hesitate to call if any questions





For more details about me and what I do you can find my website on below link



Because your needs are unique to you every lesson is delivered in a way that means it can be experienced and developed in a way that has meaning and value to you,  and with your personal issues and aims firmly in mind.  Some of the more frequently enjoyed benefits that keep clients returning to my classes are:


  • Improved range and efficiency of movement
  • Reduction in discomfort or pain
  • Refined, self regulating and damage- free performance in daily and specialist functioning (for example sports, the arts are work related activity).
  • Slowing down of ageing process
  • Ease of neurological disorders, developmental impairment and neuroses
  • Improved voice and breathing
  • Clarification of self and personal well-being
  • Reduction of anxiety 

You will not find another system like it in its approach.

  • It is easy, pleasant and requires minimum effort 
  • It is not 'one size fits all'. It adjusts around you rather than you having to adjust to it.
  • There is no exercising (that is: repetition of something until you 'get it') involved
  • It requires no practice, only curiosity.
  • It is available to all ages and abilities
  • Change occurs directly at source (the nervous system) meaning its results are longer lasting
  • It can be enjoyed both in a class format or as a gentle one to one hands on treatment 

If you are the type of person who (like me) likes to know about the background and science of something, and would like to see its applications in practice, then please click on The Feldenkrais Method.

If you want to find out about the different ways the lessons can be experienced, as well as clips of lessons in action and current classes, then please click on classes and lessons.



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Or contact me on    01732 883640 /  07791 743464 or at mark@theskeletonkey.co.uk


 Ben Gurion, aged 71, 'Standing on his Head for Israel' having been taught to do so by Moshe Feldenkrais  - one of the 1000+ lessons taught in Awareness Through Movement ( photo by Paul Goldman)


Mark is the first qualified trainer in Kent serving the county and much of the South East area. He is one of the few who offers bespoke services. He has been an actor, director, dancer, theatre practitioner, lecturer and movement specialist for over 20 years. He is the first practitioner to introduce the method into mainstream professional acting courses for accredited drama schools. His special interest is in dealing with performer neuroses and their effect on performance. He is keen to repackage the method for sports professionals so they don't miss out.